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R&D Engineering offers a wide range of custom-made equipment to support your overall catheter manufacturing needs. We aspire to make products that work for you and not against you and produce them within your desired timeline. To do this, we utilize a strategic process to develop and manufacture products using qualified design engineers, validation processes, automation and unique fabrication and machining techniques.

Our capabilities are intertwined into all of our Cath-Tech family of products and are designed to out-perform and outlast any current competitor’s equipment. We know and understand the intricacies and details needed to produce quality products, that’s why we use quality parts and systems from reputable vendors to guarantee your full satisfaction.


Our expert team of design engineers have been in the machine business for many years, and have the necessary experience to create a wide range of machines, even from the simplest drawing to the more complex CAD drawing. From there, we can turn those designs, into fully functional and operating machines. Our Design Engineers utilize a path to process development, CAD products, and tooling capacities to create products that are designed to your specifications.


In many cases, our customers have asked us to help create a process utilizes our expertise to take parts they have and figure out the equipment and the best approach needed to assemble these parts into a logical sequence. They may only have a few pieces of the puzzle, this is where we jump in and work with our customers to take a project and fill in the gaps. We want to make our customer’s job easier, while at the same time improving equipment functionality and overall project flow.


We use a number of programs and platforms to design and draw any concept idea to our customer’s specifications, including SolidWorks 2017, AutoCAD LT for DXF and 2D drawings.


We are an experienced tooling shop that is designing and building manufacturing equipment in state-of-the-art facilities. From replacement components and fixtures to manufactured assemblies, we operate using CNC milling, turning, and screw machining technologies in all of our manufacturing processes.


Automation helps to drive process efficiency, enables quality control and lowers operating costs. As we work with clients to understand their manufacturing challenges. R&D Engineers considers ways to automate certain processes and make them easier. To do this, we use automation controls, systems and designs to ease the manufacturing process. Our mission is to use these capabilities to automate equipment that is engineered to your needs. If your need is for new equipment, old equipment or just want to change a specific in-house process, we’ll work with you to see how automation can be a viable solution.



We’ll work with your team to ensure that any automation process implemented fits with your current manufacturing systems, so as not to skip a beat in your manufacturing process.



Working with key suppliers, ensures the controls implemented in your process provide value and operator ease. Our engineers have experience with a variety of programs and vendors to apply to your project.



We use Cognex, PPT and Keyance Vision Systems to inspect, measure and collect the necessary data within your system. Additionally, we can implement barcode readers to scan work orders, and load project parameters.



We use programming languages including: Vision, PLC, Robotic, Servo and Stepper.



We program Denso, Adept, Fanuc and Kuka and other various robot brands.



We put systems in place, where data acquisition is made easier and can be compatible with Excel and other Windows based programs.