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Necking machines use a special die-cast to draw the catheter tubing down to the smaller diameter using specific heat temperatures. Necking is also known in the industry as “slicking”. Both terms can be used interchangeably. Capabilities include a wide range of sizes and lengths, stepped or tapered transitions.

Necking Machines can be configured to use either a manual process or a servo pull mechanisms to assist in pulling the catheter at a controlled speed, it draws down the tubing down at the desired speed or pace needed.

Flaring machines consist of expanding the end of an extruded catheter tube. The process involved pushing the tube into a mold that shapes the end of the tube and turns it into a cone shape, providing greater conical forming control of flare length and geometry. This system allows you to flare, expand or cuff the ID of PTFE sheaths, and other thermoplastic tubing’s and is equipped with timed heat and cooling to set the shape of the material.

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