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Machined Components

Cath-Tech equipment is your go to product line when it comes to key machining and equipment needs for catheter production. Cath-Tech products can be purchased off-the-shelf or can be customized to your specific facility needs and specifications. We take the time to ensure that all of the requirements, needs and wants are discussed up front and applied to the design phase of your build before any equipment is ever ordered. We want to get it right the first time and that is why this phase is so important.

Cath-Tech products are just built better than the competition. This is evident as our products and work can be recognized throughout the medical device industry. Our signature design and the quality of resources, tools, and materials we use are what set us apart from the competition. People have come to know and appreciate our own look and feel, and have recommended our products to other manufacturers.

While working with Cath-Tech products, you’ll save you time and resources because all of your needs can be configured at one easy location, R & D Engineering. We are more than happy to sit down and discuss your needs and made changes as needs, or even just to be a soundboard to hear out your frustrations and concerns and then find a solution that works.  All of our technicians have been properly cross-trained and can provide the utmost support. We can take care of your project because we’ve built strong relationships with individual companies throughout the sector.

There are 4 types of machines/equipment that can be identified in catheter production and assembly, these include Reflow, Cutters, Skivers and tipping machine.

Precision Parts

Using our full machine shop of equipment, R & D Engineering is capable of designing parts with precision and accuracy. Using designs already in print or parts that need to be drawn up, we can make the parts you need in a timely and efficient manner.


In many research and development cases, prototypes of products need to be developed or configured for a variety of purposes. Our services allow for the production of those prototypes and analyzed before implemented into a fully manufacturing or automated process.

Small Runs

R & D Engineering caters to the businesses looking for manufacturers wanting to manufacture machines that process parts or components with less than 500 pieces. Our team has excelled at designing and producing equipment for small table top projects to larger projects.