R&D is Now an MMT Company

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDICAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES ACQUIRES R&D ENGINEERING Charlotte, NC, USA – December 20, 2021 – Medical Manufacturing Technologies (“MMT”), a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management and a global provider of medical device manufacturing solutions, today announced the expansion of its catheter manufacturing and automation technologies with the acquisition of R&D Engineering (R&D) from […]


CT Hotbox and Skiver Machines

The CATH-TECHTM Hotbox offers a flexible way to bond balloons, catheter tips, recover heat shrink, or reflow tubing segments. This customizable hotbox, comes with interchangeable nozzles, an actuated foot pedal for cooling & a temperature controller that you can adjust from your phone.  KEY FEATURES  Offers improved yields of nearly 80% Thermal nozzle offers precise […]

CATH-TECH Liner Stretcher™

CATH-TECH™ Liner Stretcher Machine

 DRILLS 440C   T  The CATH-TECHTM Liner Stretcher uses a combination of heat and tension to process a liner to a fixed mandrel. This automated process eliminates the need for the operator to hand stretch a liner.  Our CATH-TECH Liner Stretcher and its process allow the liner to sit tight against the mandrel with minimal relaxation. […]


CT Reflow Chamber Machine

Automated Catheter Reflow   Cath-Tech™ Reflow (or Laminating) machines are built using our signature convection heating process that provides superior results. It’s designed to maintain consistency and increase overall production. This is achieved by using a precise amount of heat and speed to melt the tubing segments combining the TFE liner and braid to make one […]

CATH-TECH™ Mandrel Puller

CT Multi-Mandrel Puller and Stretcher Machine

 The CATH-TECHTM Mandrel Puller is designed to stretch and remove build mandrels from a finished catheter. This automated system is customized to your catheter product specifications to ensure mandrel removal is consistent and precise while minimizing operator engagement.  KEY FEATURES  Pulls solid or stretch materials out of a finished units Equipment can be fabricated to […]