Catheter Lamination & Reflow Machine

At R&D Engineering, we use a signature convection heating process that provides superior results. The Cath-Tech Reflow machine is designed to support your catheter production with more consistency and increase overall production, while at the same time cutting down on scrap and operator involvement.


The Cath-Tech Reflow machine creates uniform tubing for all of your catheter assembly pieces. Using R&D designed technology, a precise amount of heat is used to uniformly seal different-sized tubing to make one solid piece of tubing.


These machines are available with heads up to 12″ in standard frame size but can be customized to your desired size and chamber. Customization of machines is available with auto load, clam shell, counter weight, security features (light door), loading elevators, etc.

Reflow Chamber

The CT Reflow Chamber machine is R&D Engineering’s standard machine that delivers a strictly controlled and conventional heated chamber while navigating down tubing at a precise and regulated speed. This machine provides high repeatable and uniform laminations of medium to long-length catheter shafts.

Reflow Roller

The CATH-TECH reflow roller boasts eight (8) chambers that continuously feed the product, and enable a quick transition between loads by the operator. This easy to control, compact machine is not suitable for micro wall systems less than two thousandths of an inch.

Other Lamination Technology

Quad Catheter Laminator

Our Quad Catheter Laminator machine uses recirculated hot air to shrink thermoplastic tubing down to a minimal diameter to produce catheters. The programming is flexible to allow new products to be made with the same machine.