Catheter Tipping Machine Solutions

Today’s innovative catheter designs and medical device manufacturers have seen an increased need to address the complex shapes, designs, and materials used in these types of products. Our tipping machines reflect our capacity to design and build the right equipment for various application needs. Our Tipping machines use superior heating technology and thermal profiling capabilities including open or closed ends and rounded or tapered tip styles.

Glass Die Tipper

The Glass Die Machine automates the process of pushing a catheter up into a glass die mold, then heated and formed to the tip of a specific mold and radial shape. The Glass Die machine enables a chilling process to occur where the tipped catheter can separate and be removed from the glass die machine.

Radio Frequency Tipper

The RF machines use a different energy source than traditional heat sources. Otherwise known as Radio Frequency, the RF machines differ in speed and automatically starts at the desired temperature when turned on. They also provide more flexibility to the dies when needed.

More Tipping Technology

Quantum Tipping Machine

The Quantum is a tabletop tipping machine designed to produce superior outputs expected of the CATHTIP standard.

Magnum Tipping Machine

The Magnum provides the most flexible RF architecture on the market, capable of tip forming, flaring and bonding in production or R&D settings. Our state-of-the-art precision catheter forming systems produce the highest quality parts with speed and consistency. The Magnum can achieve flashless tips, smooth bonds, and exacting geometry with virtually all thermo-plastic materials.