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Catheter Bonding Hotbox

The CATH-TECH HOTBOX (CT HOTBOX) uses a flexible way to tip catheters, recover heat shrink or reflow tubing segments. We offer customization of these hot boxes, which will allow for successful long-term solutions. The CATH-TECH Hotbox comes with interchangeable nozzles, an actuated foot pedal for cooling, and a temperature controller which can be accessed and adjusted from your phone.


The CT HOTBOX configures with other CATH-TECH equipment products. The CT HOTBOX offers improved yields consistent with normal standards. It provides ideal product positioning of the thermal nozzle to give operators the capability to achieve highly precise tube and shaft bonds with increased reliability. It is useful in operating under strict process controls. Our Hotbox comes with compatible guide inserts, and modifications can be made on the Y and Z axis to refine accuracy and accommodate a wide variety of product configurations.


  • Compact for worktop benches
  • 1000°F temperature controller
  • Ergonomic for ease of use
  • Cooling system can be on consistently or foot pedal controlled


  • Custom nozzle design
  • Digitized flow meter
  • Safety guarding features