Catheter Liner Stretcher

The CATH-TECH™ Liner Stretcher uses a combination of heat and tension to process a liner to a fixed mandrel. This automated process eliminates the need for the operator to hand stretch a liner. 

Our CATH-TECH Liner Stretcher and its process allow the liner to sit tight against the mandrel with minimal relaxation. Because of the fine machine control combined with the process, throughput is increased, scrapped units are decreased, and etching issues (“white liner”) are diminished. This process also eliminates operator safety and health issues related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

CATH-TECH™ Liner Stretcher Machine

Key Features

  • Available in either Servo Stretcher or Dead Weight configurations
  • Program up to 20 configurations on a standard unit
  • Easy-to-use HMI operator interface
  • Integrated temperature controllers
  • Deadweight system implementation
  • Machine height adjustable (upon request)
  • 208-240 vac. single or three-phase power
  • System processes can be configured for different liner and mandrel set-ups


  • Safety: door with indicator switch, safety interlock, open with pull cables
  • Load elevator required for machine height 108” and over
  • Tension load cell system with set & feedback to HMI (on servo only)

Universal Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 900-1400 lbs (408-635 kg)
  • Machine Weight: 500-1000 lbs (226-454 kg)
  • Height: 103-120” (2616-3048 mm)
  • Width: 60” (1524 mm)
  • Depth: 38” (965 mm) 
  • Temperature Accuracy: (+/-) 2° F (2.78 °C) 
  • Air Pressure: 80 psi minimum
  • Product Diameter: .020 – 0.375” 
  • Product Capacity: 5-10 units (dependent on design)
  • Heater Travel Speed: 0.1 mm/sec -10cm/sec 
  • Single Run Product Capacity: Repeat
  • General Warranty: 1 year

Machine Specifications

  • Heat Controls: Each chamber is independently controlled through HMI
  • Adjustable chuck assembly loading height
  • Gripper assembly: Grippers have a working diameter of 0.020-0.240”
  • HMI: Program up to 5 zones with up to 20 programs
  • Product length (on standard machine): min – 10 cm (2”) to max 180 cm (70.87”) (Customizable options available)
  • Frame: Extruded aluminum framing
  • Safety: Use polycarbonate sheeting to protect operator & machine
  • Process Speed: Controlled by servo motor & gearbox for precision control at the lowest speeds