Cathtip Flex-Drill

Flex-Drill by CATHTIP is the most flexible, cost-effective option for hole forming in catheter prototypes and early development applications. 

The drill can be mounted or handheld and operated by a foot pedal making it quick and easy to try new hole diameters or patterns in a variety of different tubing materials. The Flex-Drill utilizes the superior Flow Thru™ bit technology found in CATHTIP’s hole forming machines allowing for easy core evacuation and a clean workstation. 

Key Features

  • Mountable in drill press with motion platform 
  • Quick removal from stand with toggle clamp 
  • Fine tune depth stop 
  • Reference ruler on the side 
  • Quiet operation (enclosed vacuum generator) 
  • Several mounting hole options for tooling 
  • T-Slot mountable 
  • Control via foot pedal or robot 
  • Open source tooling design platform

Universal Specs

  • Motion: Nema 17 Stepper motor
  • Power: 120V at 50/60Hz
  • Air: 100psi max. 5cfm
  • Dimensions: 8” x 11”x 11” [from tabletop]
  • Weight: 15lb

Safety Features

  • Over two dozen drill bit sizes from 0.015 “-0.197” 
  • Panel dial set speed from 100-2000RPM
  • Collet-style drill head for punches & ejector pin (optional)